Backwoods Bulldog Club

John Britten  Registrations contact 228 860 3245
Chris Kelley Officer            2702104252


Conformation Show Points


Points Breakdown

First Place

15 Points

Second Place

10 Points

Third Place

5 Points

Best of Sex M & F

10 Points


5 Points

Best of Show

10 Points

Total to be achieved at one show

35 Points

Champions - 100 Points and a Best in Show or 2 Best of Sex to become a Conformation Champion

Grand Champion - 3 Championship Wins to become Grand Champion

Class Breakdown

(class breakdowns may vary per show or by the hosting club)

Puppy Fun Match 0-3 months

Puppy Class - 3-6 months

Puppy Class - 6-9 months

Puppy Class - 9-12 months

Best of Sex Puppy

Best Puppy of Show

Freshman Class 1-2 years

Junior Class 2-3 years

Senior Class 3-4 years

Veteran Class 4 years and up

Best of Sex Male and Female

Best of Show - (each breed separately)

Champions Class

Grand Champions Class